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Gun Drilling Deep Hole Drilling Honing Services

Satisfying Customer Demands since 1993


Provide Gun drilling
Deep Hole Drilling
Honing services
Pull Bore


Specialize in Angled Holes and Off Center Holes
Capable of handling up to 40,000 lbs
Compliant with ISO requirements
Assist in “problem job” resolution
Dedicated to maintaining the highest in quality standards
Dependable delivery
Rig Down / Emergency Break-In Available

Additional Services

Hole Specialists Inc. is a leader in gun drilling, deep hole drilling and honing services since 1993. Hole Specialists Inc. is housed in a multi building complex with a 35,000 sq ft shop and a 25,000 sq ft shop located in the Texas Gulf Coast Region with 46 drilling, honing, pull bore, trepan and lathe machines. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always ready to help you with your gun drilling, deep hole drilling and honing service needs. Hole Specialists Inc. strives to remain at the forefront while providing the highest quality and most reliable service while constantly upgrading and improving our technology for drilling and honing to accommodate a vast array of industries.

Hole Specialists Inc. has top of the line gun drilling, deep hole drilling, honing, pull bore, trepan and lathe machines. Our dedicated employees allow our abilities to extend across a wide range of gun drilling, deep hole drilling, honing services , pull bore, trepan and lathe services with an emphasis on quality customer care to provide total satisfaction. Our main goal is to meet the needs of our customers with timely delivery and exceptional product results.

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